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Gabriela Borchert

Alison Ebner

About the authors

Our passion for people who have been deeply hurt and our own personal past struggles inspired us to work together to write this book. Some of the life issues that we have dealt with are cancer, childhood sexual abuse, rape, abortion, infertility, addictions. We have both experienced some of the negative emotions and symptoms associated with these life issues.

It wasn't until we encountered God and His Son Jesus Christ and experienced His unconditional love for us, that we began to allow Him to do a work in our lives. Living life to the beat of our own drum had never worked. We chose to live life God's way. We chose to live transformed lives; lives with hope and a purpose. We are two ordinary women living extraordinary lives due to our Christian faith.

Gabriela Borchert
I worked for a number of years as a Lay Chaplain in a hospital environment on the mental health unit. I am currently the Director of Client Services at a life crisis centre and I run my own counseling practice.

Alison Ebner
I have facilitated various courses including Alpha where people ask the difficult questions to find the meaning of life. I'm passionate about community and was on my local food bank board of directors for 15 years. I have volunteered for many years at a homeless shelter.

Over the course of 15 years, we have taken many people through a weekly recovery program. In our book we draw from our own life experiences and those of others.