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Transformed guide

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"Suggestions for group leaders video"

If you are a small group facilitator we highly recommend that you first read through the book yourself; answer the thought provoking questions, reflect on your own past and honestly provide your answers. This ground work will better equip you to lead a group of hurting men or women.

In a group setting be prepared to be honest about your life and your past. Being authentic will help as you guide others through some difficult steps. We suggest you use the following group guidelines.

Nothing is repeated outside of this group. Everything we share stays locked in our hearts and minds.

Each member is responsible for becoming aware of and accepting the recovery process that God lays out for them.

Each person is accepted at whatever point they may be in their life.

We will respect each otherís right to never be interrupted, judged or attacked.

We shall be honest with ourselves, God, and others so we can avoid the danger of pretence and denial.

We shall be open and flexible to whatever way God chooses to work in our lives.

We shall acknowledge and support every step (no matter how small) you take toward recovery.