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Join the authors of TRANSFORMED in this 10 week life changing program.

Does life overwhelm you?
Have you lost purpose and direction?
Do you crave a new beginning, a fresh start?
Then it's time to change

Be part of this exciting life changing experience.
During this 10 week program, Gabriela and Alison will help you get to the very core of your brokenness. Then they will guide and encourage you as they show you how to put your life back together piece by peace. You will learn how to overcome your pain (past and present) and how to begin to live your life free from fears and regrets.

Some of the struggles addressed during this program.
Symptoms such as unforgiveness, shame, guilt, anger, fear and blame will be discussed. Beginning the process of change can be painful as you open up past wounds. However the results are life changing and you will be able to live your life free from pain and hurts.

Program date and location

Location: To be announced
Date: 2023 dates coming soon
Cost: $150.00 includes book
Presented by: Gabriela Borchert and Alison Ebner, authors of TRANSFORMED

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For further details please e-mail Gabriela and Alison contactus@transformedforever.com

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