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Life Changing Program

Putting your life back together
Piece by Peace

Do you hide painful secrets?
Are you feeling lost and hopeless?
Do you suffer from a broken heart?
Are you stuck in anger?
Do you harbour unforgiveness & bitterness?
Are you paralyzed by fear?
Is your life in turmoil?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, this powerful book will help you to overcome your struggles.

Do not live stuck in your past
No matter who you are, where you have been or what you believe, everyone at some point in their life, experiences pain and hurt. As you progress through this book you will be challenged by each chapter. The journey at times may be difficult. But we ask that you persevere and choose to face your wounded past so you are able to be fully transformed and to live life in the future with hope and a purpose.

Transform your life
Our purpose for writing this book is to offer God’s hope and His transforming love to those of you living in turmoil, struggling with symptoms such as unforgiveness, bitterness, shame, blame, guilt, despair, depression & fear. Through a series of thought-provoking questions we ask you to face your pain, confront your unresolved issues and to respond honestly in acknowledging the desperation of your wounded life.

Some of the topics we cover and challenge our readers with include the following:

  • Fears, Anxieties and Stress
  • Who Or What Do You Rely On?
  • Whom Do You Blame For Your Broken Life?
  • Consumed With Anger and Bitterness
  • The Lifestyle of Forgiveness


In September 2015, I attended a Transformed Course with Gabriela and Alison, sharing their personal stories, and supporting me in mine.
Both Alison and Gabriela show love, compassion, understanding, sensitivity and insight during the sessions. The workbook had space for me to write down my deep hurts and disappointments, going back to my earliest childhood memories, then forgiveness, and finally looking to a "moving forward" future.
This course is geared to a small group, where we shared freely without judgment but knowing all was said in confidence. Every week I felt encouraged knowing I was dealing with years of past experiences that needed healing.
The weekly course was not only beneficial while attending, but I often refer back to my Transformed book and read over my personal notes, and helpful information including numerous Bible Verses pertaining to each chapter. The completed book is a treasure to keep as this is a part of my journey.
As the Book is called Transformed, Putting your life back together piece by peace, I can only encourage everyone to spend the time doing an honest evaluation, then experience freedom, spiritual and personal growth. This is my first step to dealing with the past and finding HOPE in a Transformed life in Christ.


Having previously attended and run many personal development workshops in the past I loved the structure and exercises within this book. It deals with many challenging real-life issues and is a 'constant companion' to anyone trying to navigate their way out of painful and unhealthy life situations that they no longer want to have controlling their daily lives. Even for non-practising Christians this book can help you change your life for the better!
Debbie, England, UK

Transformed, by Gabriela Borchert and Alison Ebner, is an important addition to Christian literature. The frankness and boldness of these two women, and their obvious compassion for the wounded, burdened Christian, have combined to create a compelling resource for individual renewal or small group study. It is not just based on scripture; it breathes scriptural encouragement on every page. Aimed primarily at those struggling with issues from their past or anxieties about their future, the book calls on all of us to hold a mirror to our fractured lives, put the pieces back together, and find the peace that Christ offers us. I highly recommend it!
Carol Griffiths

I couldn't believe how open my wounds were still. I thought I was perfect, but when I had to actually do the work, I found myself crying trying to forgive myself. I learned that I never forgave myself; I only diverted my emotions. I still held so much guilt and shame; this really surprised me. Your book is so amazing and life changing. I really understand now that you lived my life. We are one. We can finally heal with no stigma. I now know what victims need, no judgement or shame, just people who have experienced their experience and have flourished in life. Best teachers in the world. Fear and shame has been consuming me and I am finally ready to let it flow to Jesus. I preach it but never actually do it. I thought I did until I did the work in your book. Brilliant!!!
Tracey Staley, R.TCMP, R.AC

The book Transformed is valuable for anyone looking for healing from pain and hurt. Unresolved issues shape who we are, but there is hope for change and transformation. There is hope for abundant life and life with purpose. Gabriela Borchert and Alison Ebner draw from their own painful past and their journey of healing and hope to lead others in this journey. They clearly acknowledge that their only source of strength is the Lord who is the Great Healer.

Transformed is a very practical, easy to follow book. It is set up in a workbook style which encourages the reader to personalize what they read enabling them to identify hurt and pain and then begin and continue on the journey to healing.

Nancy Peck

This book has instilled in me hope and courage to have faith in The Lord and to lay all things before HIM. I never realized how much hurt and shame I was carrying. The book taught me the importance of forgiveness as I struggled in this area due to the many people who have hurt me. I learned to face many life challenges and to become authentic with myself and before the Lord. I learned to submit everything to HIM and subsequently received much hope...hope that can only come from God himself. This book taught me to let go of all things and to search for peace, and also made me realize that God will always give us the strength we need to fight any challenges that come our way! For it is only through Him and in HIS strength that we can do all things! Amazing job writing this book ladies! May The Lord continue to bless you through your words you share with others!
Angela Baker

Thank you both for a wonderful guide towards the rehabilitation of the Spirit, Mind, and Body. A truly MUST read for anyone dysfunctionalised by any and all traumatic influences we sometimes experience in upbringing. The use of God's Word, as well as personal accounts, provided a clear path towards achieving transformation and a sincere relationship with God, and, more importantly, an understanding of the importance of His will. I also commend the workbook aspect and format, as it is very well contemplated and near- foolproof.Thanks again Ladies.
Michael Schleuss, San Diego, California

I found this book covers situations that can and have happened to many of us. I suffered a life altering situation that caused severe health issues. A lot of the questions asked in this book pertained to feelings I had and still have. I found in these chapters many new and different views to well-being.
Gabriela and Alison have written a book that guides one through a thought provoking series of questions. They have told us of the trials in their own lives and have found answers and comfort in their faith. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs guidance and help with their own struggles.


This book is written by two amazing women that I have the honour and privilege to personally know. Their lives have been a witness to the truth they shared in this book: there is hope to experience freedom and wholeness in life. Life doesn't have to be miserable and unliveable, there is hope and there is a way. This book will take you on a journey to experience and attain freedom, a hand book of how mountains can be moved. Read it, apply it and allow yourself to be transformed by it!
Hoda Nicholas, Recruitment Consultant and Artist

With this insightful book, Gabriela and Allison introduce (perhaps even reintroduce) us to a wellspring of information that shows the power you have over your own circumstances. Gabriela and Allison do this first and foremost by sharing their own stories and the secret to their success in overcoming their circumstances.

They carry the torch passed down to them through their faith and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, THE source of all hope.

You may or may not have read/heard the content before. However, like the trailblazers before them, the methodology of this book will powerfully reinforce through well guided thought provoking, heart searching and yes very hard questions – where no answers are wrong answers – that hope [as highlighted with the Word of God] can and will TRANSFORM your life piece by piece.

Powerful. Effective. Life Changing.
Change your thoughts, change your circumstances.

Linda Simmen MDiv., Counselling

"But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation." Psalm 13:5

Months after taking the 10 week "Transformed" workshop, based on the book 'Transformed: Putting your life back together piece by peace', the value and relevance of the session resonates deeply.

This highly effective course which was facilitated by the authors, Gabriela Borchert and Alison Ebner, was life enhancing for me personally. Alison and Gabriela speak of their lives with candor and an authentic voice. Their compassion and empathy opened me up to sharing hurts with deep roots. Many previous attempts to be rid of the pain and memories of harm to heart, mind and spirit had been unresolved and left me feeling a fraught and fractured being. I desired to be forgiven and to forgive, to be the real me, to feel peace.

With wise words, kindness and love, Gabriela and Alison, led by example and demonstrate how their lives were changed by laying all things before the Lord. Many difficult life issues, issues which hold us back from living full and purpose filled lives were addressed, with Bible text reference to support each element. I learned how to surrender all to God, my GUIDE and HOPE and to live 'from now on'. I've also learned that it is a process of daily surrendering of what I can't change and of reviewing where I need to grow and focus on the future. Trusting that God will provide the wisdom and strength to move forward.

The Transform Workbook is a resource that I will continue to use as a frequent reminder reference, in moving forward in my life, knowing that my hope is in HIM. Choosing JOY, and PEACE, to live out life as God's MASTERPIECE.

May the Lord continue to bless you both, your work, and words of enlightenment are of significant benefit to others.

Soft cover book, 188 pages. $19.95

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